Letter from State Representative Luis Arroyo

Letter from State Representative Luis Arroyo

Dear Third District Neighbor,

As your State Representative, I am proud and honored to be your voice in the General Assembly.  I will continue working to be an open and accessible lawmaker.  Please read over this legislative update to find out what I have been working on in the district and at the Capitol in Springfield.

My first priority is to always be accountable to you.  I encourage you to share your ideas and concerns to help me be a more effective legislator. With so many crucial decisions facing our state, I want to be sure my actions reflect the best interests of our community.

I am working hard to pass our budget.  The budget that has been introduced is $7.2 billion out of balance.  It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors being used to distract us from the failures of this administration.

The governor is kicking the can down the road and is more focused on advancing his anti-working class agenda.

Every successful budget bill that has been passed was negotiated through a bipartisan working group process.  The governor has refused to participate in any additional discussions.

I you have any concerns or ideas for moving our State forward please contact me via my website.

Thank You,
Luis Arroyo
State Representative, 3rd District

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