As your State Representative, serving the community for the past nine years, I am honored to continue being your voice in the General Assembly. I will continue to advocate on your behalf and to be transparent, accessible, and open.  I will keep you updated on what is happening both at home and in Springfield.


Fighting for Justice for Victims


When I discovered that some survivors of sexual assault would never see their attackers brought to justice because of a legal loophole, I worked to give police and prosecutors more time to put dangerous rapists behind bars, passing legislation ensuring that the time period to file criminal charges in sexual assault cases does not begin until all evidence has been analyzed. House Bill 369 passed the General Assembly.


Greater Funding for Our Schools


As our children get older and enter an increasingly globalized economy, employers will demand students are better prepared and have the skills needed in a competitive job market. That is why I supported a spending plan that would increase education funding for our local schools. Though state budget talks are ongoing, I will not allow the quality of our children’s education to be sacrificed or suffer disastrous cuts.


Creating Jobs through Clean Energy


Working with business, labor and environmental groups, I am supporting a comprehensive proposal, House Bill 2607, calling for improved energy standards and job creation throughout Illinois. This legislation will expand the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency, which will help improve our environment while creating new, green jobs. The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition’s initiative has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in Illinois.


Pay Cuts for Legislators


Illinois is facing tough fiscal challenges and I know lawmakers must get the state moving in the right direction. I voted to cut lawmakers’ pay by passing legislation rejecting automatic pay raises for legislators. This year, I am sponsoring legislation, House Bill 258, to reject pay raises for lawmakers.


Improving Women’s Health


Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among Illinois women, and early detection is essential to saving lives. I supported legislation, to improve mammography standards, better inform women on the need for regular screenings, and require insurance policies to cover MRIs for breast screenings when medically necessary. House Bill 3673 passed the General Assembly.


Encouraging Job Creation and Economic Growth


Business owners and managers should spend their time creating jobs and growing their businesses – not dealing with bureaucratic red tape. To help streamline the creation of new jobs, I supported legislation to develop an online source where entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to locate in Illinois can access important information like permit and license applications. Senate Bill 659 passed the General Assembly.


Empowering Older Adults


Elderly residents are often targets of con artists and scams. To help protect the elderly from being swindled and intimidated, I supported legislation allowing seniors who are victims of financial exploitation to seek damages in court from their attackers. I also supported a measure making it a crime for someone with financial responsibility for a nursing home resident to fail to pay for the care received at the home. House Bill 1588 passed the General Assembly and House Bill 3529 awaits final action in the Senate.


Equal Pay for Women


Even in the 21st century, according to the National Women’s Law Center, women who work full-time, year-round in the United States are paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts. Pushing for equal pay in the workplace, I supported legislation that expands the Equal Pay Act to all employers and increases the penalty for companies violating the law. House Bill 3619 passed the General Assembly.


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