Governor Rauner’s Senate Bill 1 Amendatory Veto – Update

Governor Rauner’s Senate Bill 1 Amendatory Veto

I’m fighting to make sure that every child receives the education they deserve no matter their zip code 

– Governor Rauner’s veto of the education funding reform is an effort to pit one child against another as a way to benefit his wealthy school districts. In fact, many of his changes would specifically help rich school districts who aren’t struggling today to get more money and resources at the expense of our schools. His plan is even worse than the status quo and does nothing to help students who are struggling today.

– The governor strips away the promise of fair funding for our local schools and returns to a system of picking winners and losers.

  • His proposal takes money away from schools in areas that are already struggling, like Chicago, and redirect funds to his wealthy school districts.
  • According to the governor’s own department, more than 60 percent of schools in Illinois are losing population—including Chicago. The governor’s plan would take funding from these schools and funnel it to wealthy schools.
– The governor uses phony accounting to shirk on the state’s responsibility to school districts that are already underfunded.
  • Governor Rauner punishes communities like ours that take aggressive efforts to create jobs. Under the governor’s phony accounting, communities that use TIF areas to encourage economic development would lose state education dollars under the governor’s plan. Pitting job creation efforts against education in a fight that no one wants and that no one wins.

– The governor removes protections that would require the state to continue investing additional resources in struggling school districts.- Governor Rauner blows a $200 million hole in the balanced budget he already vetoed once. His plan spends $221 million more overall, with no plan to pay for it.

  • The governor would create even more budget chaos.


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