Education Funding Reform 

Education Funding Reform 

–  I voted for bipartisan compromise reform that puts us closer than ever to fixing Illinois’ broken school funding formula – one of the most unfair systems in the country.

–  Instead of pursuing the governor’s path of pitting children and communities against each other, Democrats and Republicans sat down and came to an agreement on much of what’s in this bill. And even where we don’t fully agree, we’re willing to work together in good faith and meet each other half way. This is what compromise looks like.

This bill provides the same promise of permanent funding for our local schools that I supported in Senate Bill 1, with some additional items included at the request of Republicans. Even if I don’t agree with 100 percent of what’s in the final bill, this compromise still delivers 100 percent of what our local schools need.

  • This bill is a permanent promise of more funding for schools in our communities. Every district wins under this plan.
  • This bill empowers local families by providing parents with greater transparency, and more control over how our tax dollars are being spent.
  • Through negotiation, we were able to reject changes being pushed by Governor Rauner that would pick winners and losers, pit one child against another, and take money from struggling schools to further enrich wealthy districts.
  • We stopped the multimillion dollar property tax hike hidden in the governor’s plan, and instead took a first step toward real property tax relief for local homeowners.

– At the request of Republicans, we’ve included some provisions I probably wouldn’t have supported on their own. But a package that permanently provides more money for our local schools and puts us closer than ever to fixing Illinois’ broken school funding system is too important to let partisan differences get in the way.

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