Coalition Building Meeting for Puerto Rico

Coalition Building Meeting for Puerto Rico


The coalition building meeting for #PuertoRico at the resurrected life church international with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., The Rainbow Push coalition, Pastor Ray Berryhill and State representative Luis Arroyo among other civic groups and elected officials.

Press Conference Update

Chicago- After a four-day tour of embattled Puerto Rico, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. in partnership with Chicago Puerto Rican churches, civic groups, and elected officials held a press conference this morning

“We are welcoming home Rev. Jackson and his team after their visit to Puerto Rico,” said Rev. Berryhill. “We are pleased with the response of the Puerto Rican community in this humanitarian effort. Rev. Jackson will also give us a status report.”

“The community responded overwhelmingly to the call made by community organizers and in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands,” said Representative Luis Arroyo. “But we are not done yet, there is still aid that needs to be transported to Puerto Rico,” “We thank our brothers and sisters from the Rainbow Push Coalition and the Resurrected Life Church International for their commitment and support with those affected by the Hurricane”

At the press conference Reverend Jackson expressed “We could not have gotten the supplies here without FedEx,” Rev. Jackson said. “I want to thank FedEx for their generosity and their dedicated team members who made this mission possible. FedEx has been magnificent.”

Since Hurricane Maria hit, FedEx has made more than 100 flights into Puerto Rico, delivering some 12 million pounds of relief supplies.

“People should be eternally grateful to FedEx for its commitment,” Rev. Jackson said.

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