Caring for seniors

Caring for seniors

House Aging Committee

Dear Neighbor:

The House Aging Committee recently held a hearing to discuss proposed cuts that would strip care from nearly 40,000 elderly residents and place them in a new, untested program. Senior advocates, including AARP and the Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers, have expressed concerns that this new program lacks the standards and requirements that are critical to seniors’ health and security, while creating new layers of government bureaucracy.

In order to provide the highest quality care to seniors, I am standing against this plan to make dangerous cuts to senior services. I’ll continue to oppose cuts to programs that protect our state’s most vulnerable residents.

Listen to the moving testimony presented at the hearing in opposition to the governor’s proposed cuts by clicking HERE.

Washington is working to advance a proposal that would deny millions of children, seniors, and the disabled access to life-saving health insurance while putting more money in the pockets of corporate CEOs and greedy insurance companies.

The current proposal backed by Washington elites to alter the Medicaid system forces Illinois to cut critical care, or put taxpayers on the hook for significantly higher payments in order to continue services. Either would be a disaster.

Medicaid recipients are not just another line item in the budget. They include single moms with two jobs. They include the elderly. They include children. They include the disabled. They include people with mental illnesses. We cannot treat them as numbers on a piece of paper.

We will continue to fight to protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens and do everything we can in hopes of blocking these dangerous cuts.

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Thank You,
Luis Arroyo
State Representative, 3rd District

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