31st Ward welcomes #PlayStreetsChicago

31st Ward welcomes #PlayStreetsChicago

Another great initiative for the community from the Chicago Department of Public HealthAlderman Milly Santiago – 31st Ward and I welcomed Commissioner Dr. Julie Morita to celebrate another great #PlayStyreetsChicago event.

A part of the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Healthy Chicago, PlayStreets Chicago encourages neighborhood organizations and residents to join their neighbors in getting active and moving. Throughout the summer, pop-up play spaces are created by temporary traffic and parking restrictions that are granted through the support of those living on the block.

These free PlayStreets activations empower communities to come together and address barriers to active, fun, and healthy play for children, teens, and families by rethinking our roadways and creating access to safe and supervised spaces. Local organizers may provide games and activities but businesses, volunteers, and community members should feel to bring their skills, hobbies, sports equipment, or other activities and join in on the fun.

Anyone can organize a PlayStreets activation. Contact your Alderman and local ward service office or the Community Assisted Policing Strategies office at your Chicago Police district office to learn more.


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